every month patrons near your restaurant are celebrating a birthday

Birthdays Club for restaurants

birthdays are good business and highly profitable

* Birthday parties are the #1 restaurant dining event

* 7 out of 10 patrons dine out for birthdays
* Higher Check Averages $78 or more
* Increased Party sizes from 2-10

Celebrating birthdays is good for your guests, your employees, and your business. 👍

Let us send Birthday Parties to your Restaurant

introducing the Birthday club

New customers every month for your restaurant.

FanCONNECT's subscription-based Birthday Club connects your restaurant with local patrons celebrating their birthday near and inside your restaurant.

Join the FanCONNECT Birthday Club and get:

* Access to our Massive Birthday Database
* Social Media birthday marketing
Birthday in-a-box an all-in-one guest signup system
* Follow-up system promotes your restaurant monthly

👨‍💼 Every month you get new customers celebrating their birthday and birthday parties, increased repeat business and increased profits.All done for you!

new & repeat diners
biuilds good will
higher average ticket
highly profitable

join the birthday club

New and Repeat Business, more birthday parties, keep your tables full, and increase your revenue.  

Join today!

Birthday marketing for restaurants

how does the Birthday club work?

The Birthday Club send local patrons a birthday card from your restaurant.

Fanconnect's massive birthday list gets your restaurant NEW Birthday guests every month

FanCONNECT has a massive database of 200 million consumers and their birthday month. The Birthday Club targets local patrons near your restaurant and invites them to celebrate at your restaurant.

designed for your restaurant

We design your Birthday Card and Social Media Birthday Message, then we build a list of patrons celebrating their birthday.

Then the magic begins

Patrons receive your Birthday Card or Birthday Message, they activate the offer using our Birthday club software, we send the confirmation and they come to your restaurant with friends and family.

facebook Birthday promotions

The Birthday Club's marketing and advertising strategies include boosting Facebook (Meta) Birthday posts, birthday ads, retargeting from your birthday landing page, and audience matching from your birthday club software.

FanCONNECT's Birthday Club builds your audience and focuses on: Increasing birthday parties at your restaurant, driving traffic to your Birthday landing page, capturing consumer information, and engaging with them on our marketing platform, with automation, email marketing, SMS Text Messages, digital offers, and more. 


We create a Birthday landing page where customers sign up or claim their offers from their Birthday Card, Facebook promotion or QR CODE. 

Your Birthday Landing Page is integrated into your FanCONNECT CRM and Birthday Software.

Compatible with all desktops, tablets, and cell phones.

Birthday Club in a Box


The Birthday Marketing Club in a box includes:

* New & Existing Birthday Diners every month
* Social Media Birthday Marketing
* FanCONNECT CRM and Birthday Platform
* Turnkey Customer Acquisition and Retention System
* CONNECT Fi Hot Spot Guest Acquisition
* Follow-up system boosts repeatable business
* Anniversary and other Special Occasion Marketing
* Email Automation and Email Marketing
* TEXT Message and Digital Offers Automation

Turn-Key and Done For YOU! 

CALL: (813) 490-7255

Birthday Club in a box. Everything you need to manage and run your in-house birthday club

Birthday Parties, A Goldmine and A No Brainer!

More guests per check, more appetizers, more drink sales, and more revenue

Birthday Marketing produces highly profitable guests, and the Birthday Club manages it for you. 


Birthday parties

We target local diners celebrating a birthday near your restaurant.

Social & Mail

celebrate at your restaurant

We send Birthday cards to local patrons near your restaurant and Facebook audiences targeting birthdays.

17 Years

of celebrations

We have been sending birthday promotions for more than 17 years and helping local businesses thrive.

13 million

guests have celebrated 

Millions of people have received a card in the mail, online invitation, text and email to come celebrate at a local restaurant like yours.

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